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Fluoride Awareness Week celebrates your right to access news and information on fluoride - its sources, toxicity, and impact to your overall health and well-being. This site contains up-to-date news and resources on fluoride, the consequences of fluoridated water, current fluoridation policy, and other salient issues to help you take action against our current fluoride exposures today.

  • The Invisible, IQ Lowering Drug Most Americans Consume Daily
    Posted on: Aug 7, 2011

    This proves that the medical establishment can now get away with open fraud. Discover how they are force-feeding questionable "medication" into our daily diet (based on practically no health studies) that is illegal to dump in our rivers or lakes...

  • The Bone Destroying Daily Drink Fooling Millions of Americans
    Posted on: Aug 8, 2011

    New research has found bone fracture rates increased steadily when people were exposed to low levels of this common toxin that you're probably unknowingly swallowing today. Reduce your exposure by 80% - with this simple little trick...

  • The Healthy Drink that May Destroy Your Sleep
    Posted on: Aug 9, 2011

    It contains a toxin which calcifies in this gland that produces melatonin - putting you at risk of Alzheimer's, insomnia and low back pain. Plus: it can cause early puberty in girls. Here's how to limit your exposure - and fight back...

  • The Crippling Toxin You Knowingly Consume Every Day...
    Posted on: Aug 10, 2011

    Half this crippling toxin you ingest goes straight to your bones - taking up residence for a LONG time (half life = 20 years!)... Then you add more daily, spiking your risk. Isn't it time to 'X' this out now - and spare yourself from arthritis, fractures, and more?

  • Why You Need to Avoid These 'Healthy' Fruits and Nuts
    Posted on: Aug 11, 2011

    The eating mistake more common than you think, making many fruits and veggies high risk - Ignoring this warning could lead to brain damage - and fatal bone cancer.

  • Study Proves: This Everyday Drink Lowers Your IQ
    Posted on: Aug 12, 2011

    The CDC wants us to believe it's safe. But 24 studies have reported an association between this drink and reduced IQ in children - in fact, some children could have their mental development impaired by drinking as little as one glass on a daily basis...

  • The Daily Activity Every Middle Aged Woman Should Beware of
    Posted on: Aug 13, 2011

    Once you hit 50, you are at the highest risk for damaging the gland that's responsible for maintaining your overall metabolic rate - and developing a common disease which can make you tired, depressed and flabby. I urge you to do this today...

Toxic Waters: The Truth About Water Fluoridation

Toxic waters, The truth about water filtration

Download this FREE special report from Dr. Mercola to know if your drinking water is safe -- or if fluoride is making it toxic and putting you and your family in harm's way.

Sources of Fluoride Exposure

Toxic waters, The truth about water filtration

Fluoride Action Network (FAN) discusses "the fluoride glut" and current fluoride sources, warnings, and recommendations.

50 Reasons to Oppose Fluoridation

Toxic waters, The truth about water filtration

Facts and figures that build a strong case against fluoridating our water supply.

Water Fluoridation

Toxic waters, The truth about water filtration

Links to global water fluoridation status, fluoride history and politics, and pro-fluoride organizations

Act Now!

Toxic waters, The truth about water filtration

Express your stand by asking for a non-fluoride toothpaste alternative at your local grocery stores, telling your family and friends, or writing to Congress. You can also become a Fluoride Action Network member today!

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Toxic waters, The truth about water filtration

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